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Your delivery address in Constance


You want to order something on the Internet, but are unwilling to pay Swiss postal and customs handling charges? Does your seller refuse to deliver to Switzerland because of the extra paperwork, or does your family have to pay high rates for forwarding a package to you when they want to send birthday gifts?

No problem. From now on, you can have your internet orders sent to my “delivery addresses” here in Constance, or in Singen. Located in the centre of Constance, the Bahnhofstrasse - Shop is a 5-minute walk from the Swiss border and little more than 1 minute away from Constance’s main railway station. It’s a convenient way to pick up your orders.
If you drive by car to Constance, you might prefer our shop at Opelstrasse. Free parking spots in close proximity to the store, large boxes, pallets of any size, even entire cars, can be delivered there.
While it’s not a “must”, you can combine the collection of your order with a shopping trip in downtown Constance. The most interesting shops are only a couple of minutes away on foot.

Our latest store has been opened in the town of Singen, on the Georg-Fischer-Strasse. This third, and largest of our stores, adresses clients in various parts of Switzerland. The space allows large-scale deliveries, and a fulfillment-service - everything in one space. If you seek us to accept packages and have them resent/reboxed, for example, the Georg-Fischer-Strasse-shop is the address to choose.

In order to use our service, please submit a registration first (before making orders) by klicking on the hyperlink above and filling out the registration formula. After submitting the Registration, a confirmation mail will be sent immediately to your mail account. In that mail, you will find your personal delivery addresses uniquely generated for your ordering purposes.

If you place your orders, simply copy-paste the delivery address of either Downtown, outside Constance, or even Singen, according to your personal preferences.

As soon your parcel arrives, you will receive a message by E-Mail, and you can pick up your goods or collect your parcels at any time suitable for you. (Simply Keep in mind, that after a certain period, extra charges will be applied for the extended storage period.)
A safe is also available for high-value items.


Parcels up to 99 cm long + wide incl. 19.99 kg cost € 5.—

(free 14-day storage period incl. the day of delivery)

After this period, we charge an additional € 5.— per week

Parcels from 100 cm long + wide incl. 19.99 kg cost € 10.—

(free storage period of 7 days max. incl. the day of delivery)

After this period, we charge an additional € 10.— per week

Parcels from 150 cm long + wide incl. 19.99 kg cost € 15.—

(same storage period as the € 10.— parcels)


Parcels from 20 kg on are subject to an additional charge of € 5.— per parcel. Each additional 20 kg is subject to a further charge of € 5.—.

(envelopes, pallets, cars, have different price tags - for details, have a look onto our "Preisliste/Lagerfristen")

WASTE PACKAGING: we have 2 options for waste packaging:

1. You take the waste material with you to Switzerland

2. You can leave it here in return for a charge. This depends on the size of the packaging.

As it has caused inconvenience in the past, please be aware:
Use of the blue waste containers is forbidden as they are all private. Also, you cannot deposit your waste material in parking garages or anywhere else in Constance as you will be reported to the authorities for littering, which includes a fine of between € 35 and € 2,500.

We accept COD when advised that a COD package will be arriving (together with the approximate amount from you). A charge of € 5.— is made for this service and COD packages must be picked up within 7 days incl. the day of arrival. After the 7-day period, we charge an additional € 10. — per week (compared to € 10.— parcels).
For CODs, it is very important to write us a mail before placing the COD-order.

I look forward to receiving your registration!

yours sincerely

Mandy Klein